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paper clips.

See that header up above? It may look like a random jumble of a basic office staple (ha, office humor) but it means more than that to my mind.
Paper clips are more than just a little object that holds paper together or creates necklaces and other jewelry. It serves as the subject of one of life’s greatest mysteries, to me anyway.
Oh, another thought. The previous two sentences truly bug me. The reason for this is the fact that they aren’t really complete sentences. They are really just fragments and that bugs me. I could take the time to fix them, but seeing as this is more narrative based than structural, I think they can stay.
Anyway, beyond that pet peeve, let me get back on topic. Paper clips. They fascinate me. I mean, why was some German or Norwegian person wanting to create some little object to put paper together anyway? Seriously. I find it rather interesting that someone took the time to bend some little piece of metal [or whatever you will] into a perplex, let’s say “trombone” shape and attempt to clip paper together with it. And the name itself, so simple. It is called by what it does. Simple, yet so complex in my mind. Oh, going back, the reason I find it necessary to compare the shape of a paper clip to that of the musical instrument of a Trombone is partially due to the fact that I, myself, play the Trombone and am also a fan of foreign languages. That made sense. Okay, well, last summer, I went to Canada and one major thing about Canada is that French is pretty much their second language, as Spanish is for America. I was in a dollar store, or well, “dollar-rama” and was randomly surfing through the aisles when I came upon the one that consisted of office supplies. This is when I discovered that the french word for “paper clip” is “trombone.” This would be another reason why I feel a strange connection to this particular office supply.
Beyond all this rambling of paper clips, trombones, and Canada, my point is, and I somewhat have one, I am crazily fascinated by strange things. Certain things just make me think harder than most people do about the same thing. Paper clips are one. Don’t get me wrong, staplers, scissors, and post-it notes are filled with thought from my end as well. But for tonight. I’ve decided to lay out some of my thoughts on paper clips.
… with that, I conclude for tonight. Happy blogging. 😀


3 thoughts on “paper clips.

  1. I remember you telling me about this last summer! I have never really given much thought to a paper clip, but, since you mentioned it, is is quite a mystery. Also, nice quick subject change; you commented on your sentence structure. xD I have a question though. What made you decide to choose paper clips as your first blog topic?

  2. This is the second time you’ve explained your fascination with paper clips to me, but I still don’t understand it, nor will I ever probably; however, everybody has certain things that interest and fascinate them. What interests me is not always going to interest someone else (obviously). But I enjoy learning about your “strange” fascinations, definitely. You must write about another one that I’m not familiar with soon! 🙂

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