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bottled water.

If you are a close friend of mine, or well, close enough to have been to my house a few times, you would notice that whenever you ask for some water, you generally receive it in a blue Dasani brand water bottle. Yesterday, a friend of mine asked, “Why all the bottled water?” Which led to my honest explanation of my dislike of tap water.
Here’s the thing, I’m a big fan of “eco-friendly”, “green”, “future friendly” items and ideas. In fact, I generally promote them. However, in the case of water, I’m pretty much a hypocrite and always seem to have to have bottled water. I even dislike ordering water in a restaurant because I have no idea where it is coming from. I know other solutions exist, such as water filters and such and such. I still much prefer bottled water. I’ve been drinking bottled water for years, actually. I seem to have a particular favorite in the Dasani brand. I’ve tried several others but always much prefer Dasani.
The reason I dislike tap water is primarily because of the taste. To me, tap water tastes like it someone takes a purely metal rod and stirs it into the water before I attempt to drink it. I don’t like that odd metal like aftertaste. And no, it’s not our sink. I’ve tried tap water in many cases, and it always seems to be the same to me. I mean, sure it also bugs me that I have no clue where it is truly coming from. Yes, I realize that I truly don’t know the source of my bottled water either, but still, as I said earlier, I am a hypocrite when it comes to bottled water. I don’t think it’s wrong to drink tap water, do as you please, but personally, I’ll stick with my bottled water.

Like I said in the previous entry, I’m going to try to answer any questions that come up in comments on this blog. I don’t mind doing this at all and actually appreciate if questions are asked, it sometimes gives me a premises for a future entry. =]
Question: “What is the significance in this haiku [about babies], and what exactly brought it about?”
Answer: There isn’t really a “significance” exactly, it’s more of a thought. I really didn’t explain it because I wanted it to be left open for interpretation yesterday, but I suppose I should explain my viewpoint. Also answering the second half, the reason why the subject even came up was because a few friends and I were discussing how crazy teenage pregnancy is nowadays, which led me to randomly come up with the haiku. In the case of my haiku, I mean that babies, to me, seem so innocent. I mean, they honestly have no clue of the corruption and harm that could come to them when they are first born. Hence the idea of “purely innocent.” I feel as though when a baby first cries is when it realizes that harm exists and the cry is a call for help perhaps. Oh, and I apologize for calling a baby an “it” that truly irks me, actually. Babies are people, people and animals shouldn’t be called “it”‘s and I again apologize for saying so. And yes, I know I could have edited it and left this out, but I feel it’s significant. Anyway, I just believe that babies are one of the most innocent parts of our corrupt society and that was my point in writing that haiku, I suppose. Thanks for asking! 😀
In response to the other somewhat question “am I trying to tell you something?” Well, nothing about me, I’m not pregnant or anything. Haha. I was just making a statement in form of poetry. =D


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