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closed captioning.

Fact. It’s hot outside. Fact. It’s so hot that I have two fans running in my living room right now. Fact. The fans are loud, so loud that I have the closed captioning on my TV on so that I can know what is going on. Fact. I’m watching Jimmy Neutron right now. Fact. I love old school nickelodeon. ❤
Beyond all of these random facts, I just want to say that I wish I could write the closed captioning for television sometimes. I mean, I see a lot of mistakes in what is already out there and I always wonder how they determine what types of words  to use for actions. Jimmy Neutron today started with “[grunting and thudding]” for a long time. Is that truly appropriate for Nickelodeon? I mean, sure, they sound like innocent words… but c’mon. Really? I know I have a perverted mind often and I’m sure many of you do as well, but I know some younger kids do as well. They may not get it to the same extent, but seriously. Word choice, nickelodeon caption writers.
Another thing, the fails. A lot of times, especially in captioned Bollywood movies I’ve seen, I notice many mistakes. Do closed captioning writers have proofreaders? Or editors? If so, those guys are not doing their job well.
I really don’t have a point beyond the fact that I would love to be one of those people that does the closed captioning sometimes. /sometimes/ I know it wouldn’t be the most exciting career, but it would definitely be amusing.


2 thoughts on “closed captioning.

  1. I love knowing random facts. 🙂
    Question: Why do you think that career would be amusing? I just don’t see it.

  2. With what I know about you and how much you love the entertainment world and journalism, etc., I could see you doing a career like that. But, as Janna said, I definitely don’t see the enjoyment of it myself. XD

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