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I think depriving myself of things is completely terrible, but sometimes there are excellent reasons. Last night was one of those times. When my friends spend the night at my house, I lose a lot of sleep, but I make a lot of memories and share a lot of conversation which makes it worthwhile.
So what exactly am I trying to say here? I think in my sleep deprived mind, what I am trying to say is basically that sometimes deprivation is a good thing. It sounds like such an awful word. Or well, it does to me. Oh and another thing, there are so many words like “deprivation” that just have the worst connotation but sometimes they can be good things too. I can’t think of any words such as this at this very moment, partially because I am really tired and refuse to go take a nap and partially because I just don’t feel like thinking of that right now, but I’m sure you, the readers, can see what I’m trying to say.
Anyway. Deprivation. I feel as though with all of the good things that come out of sleep deprivation [sometimes], there are definitely a handful of bad. Hunger is perhaps the worst for me. I always find myself incredibly hungry when I haven’t had a good night of sleep. I personally think it is because my body is running on whatever I’m feeding it to keep me up and awake to be able to actually not be a complete zombie throughout the true day, but I mean, I’m sure there is some science behind lack of sleep and increase of hunger. That’s not my point though. Another thing I notice is that I do well at mindless activity when I am sleep deprived. I’m sure others can agree with me on this. I can do mundane tasks so effortlessly but things that require running around are a no.
I guess I don’t really have a point in that last statement do I? Eh, honestly I just felt like blogging and wanted to get some of that off my mind. Whatever that was, I suppose. Happy blogging! 😀


3 thoughts on “deprivation.

  1. I agree… 😀 Last night was awesome, so it was worth being deprived of sleep. Personally, instead of being hungry…. my head just hurts. It hurts… badly. XD But I’m making it. We should sleep well tonight.

  2. I completely agree that sleep deprivation can be a good thing, although it hasn’t been too great for me lately. I don’t think I need to tell you anything about how bad I am with sleeping though; you know all about it. 😛

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