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déjà vu.

Perhaps it is because I started my summer college classes today. College classes that are both different chemistry courses. Courses that are taught by the same instructor in the same room. I think the title definitely applies to my day but also to a lot of things I’ve noticed about my life.
Honestly, I do a lot of thinking about how I feel about my perspective on life. I don’t know why particularly, I just do. Oftentimes I realize that life gets incredibly repetitive yet is constantly changing and differing at the same time. I know that was one paradox of a statement, but honestly, that’s how I feel. I put life into perspective a lot, and I know I started out talking about deja vu and am now off topic as always, but I just wanted to say this. Today it hit me that I really won’t be home too much in the next year. After this summer I will move into my second “sophomore” year of college and next summer I plan on spending my first 5 weeks in Italy studying abroad and completing my Italian minor. And I may be spending all of summer in Italy, I’m not quite sure yet. But regardless, it’s insane to me how quickly things are coming at me.
I think that’s enough off topic. Back to the title subject: deja vu. Every first day of class, whether it be high school or college, always has the same deja vu feeling to me. The professor/teacher/instructor comes into the room, introduces the class and we have a pretty simple day to kick off the class. The fact that I’m going to be in school for… who knows how long… and that means a lot of first days in classes… this will/is/has gotten old fast. Also, the first morning before the first day is also a serious case of deja vu. The older I get, the less I care about this, but I do find myself spending an extra long time picking out what to wear on the first day. I have many reasons for this. One being the idea of a first impression. Because I personally find myself basing my relationships with every person I meet off of my first knowledge of them, I personally want my impression to be exceptionally good. Point being, I want to be remembered in a good way. I think most people are like this, but, I could be wrong.
To end this blog on deja vu, I think I’m going to start by saying hello. 😀

In response to comment questions:
Q: What makes me think that a career as a closed captioning writer would be amusing?
A: I’m not exactly sure, really, I just think the idea would be interesting. =D Thanks for asking!


2 thoughts on “déjà vu.

  1. ._. You’re growing up so much, m’amie. We’re about to be big kids, now.
    I know what you mean, about deja vu. Was it around you that I had deja vu the other day? I just remember being like, “AUGH. STOP. SOMETHING DIFFERENT. DO SOMETHING.. DIFFERENT” XD

    I wonder what your first impressions of me were, and if you remember them.

  2. First: I want to join you in Italy when you go.
    Second: This topic goes along with “weekends.” for me. Even with how much things seem to be changing, it does all feel the same. And, personally, I hate repetition such as this. Very insightful topic. I’ve never really thought about all of that. 🙂

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