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Earlier tonight I watched my alma mater’s class of 2010 graduate. I can’t believe it has been a year since I did the exact same thing and received my high school diploma. Last year, I felt so ready and not ready to leave at the same time. Now I feel as though I definitely have passed that “I want to go back” stage and am very glad to have graduated. The longer I stay home, I more I realize how much leaving high school has had a positive effect on my life.
More directly on the title subject, I feel as though I have progressed a lot in this past year. Since it is past midnight now, it is really May 29, 2010 and a year ago on May 29, 2009, I graduated from high school. The past year has blinked by. I can hardly believe all of the things I have done, the places that I have been, and the new friendships I have made. I’m thankful for them all and definitely feel no regrets. As I stated earlier, I felt ready to leave high school, but at the same time not. What I mean by this is that a year ago, I felt prepared enough to leave high school in the sense that I felt as though I could handle the academic world of college and my future; however, I also felt unprepared in the sense that I felt as though I had no idea what to do when or how to live life without the formula and schedule form of high school. In high school, everything is so “spoon fed” and formulaic. In college, I feel one is truly on their own. You have to make yourself wake up and go to class. You have to make sure you do this enough to pass your classes. You have to make sure you eat and diet normally. You can’t rely on your parents and teachers to tell you when to do everything and how to manage your time. I think you see where I’m getting to. The point is, you are truly on your own.
College has been a rewarding experience thus far for me and I can definitely see that it will continue this way for the next many years that I go through it. Beyond this, I’m incredibly exhausted tonight from the festivities of celebrating graduation with some of my dear friends and just because it is indeed past midnight and getting later [obviously], so I’m going to conclude tonight by stating that I… am getting old. Oh my.

Comment questions:
This one isn’t really a question, but is at the same time. The question is whether I remember my first impression of my best friend [] and I don’t remember the exact first thoughts since it has indeed been a long time, but it must have been good because I really do rely a lot on first impressions on how I will generally treat a person beyond that. Seeing as you are my best friend in this entire world and we’ve made it 8 years… it was good. ❤


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  1. So, in the past year, I guess I’d say I’ve sort of rode along with you with your transgression from high school to college. I remember how worried you seemed to feel about the change, etc. After you made it in college and got accustomed to it all, your worries seemed to disappear to me and we never really discussed it anymore (other than college related issues occasionally). So, my question is, how exactly did you pass that “I want to go back” stage, and how does staying home cause you to realize how much leaving high school had a positive effect on your life?

  2. I thought it was easy to pass the “I want to go back” stage after band camp was over. Seeing that the band was moving on without me and that there were new freshman and how the juniors had taken over my former position as senior made me quickly realize my position. From a high schooler level perspective, I didn’t belong there anymore. I belonged in college. I had friends in college and knew that they went through the same thing, and they were perfectly alright for it.
    That doesn’t answer your blog Shonks, but it answers Josh’s question in my opinion. xD

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