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About three weeks ago I decided to make several changes in my life. Seeing as it was the start of summer and I felt I could control my routine more easily, I changed my diet a bit. I was having lunch with a dear friend of mine at a deli and the man who took my order, whose name I recall was Brad, asked me what I wanted to drink with my sandwich. I chose to change my ways right then and instead of asking for some sort of soft drink, I asked for water. And since then, I have given up soda and have been a part of the “soda free summer” movement. I know it won’t be as easy to keep the soda away from my diet once I get back to college and have to eat on meal plans where it is much harder to avoid the caffeine that seems so much more needed there, so I am going to stick with soda deprivation for the summer and see if I feel different.

Another thing I’m currently withdrawn from are French Fries. This isn’t just because the French are awful, although they truly are, but more so because of my consistent making of resolutions every New Year’s. This year, one of my resolutions was to give up French Fries. I just picked a random food that I felt I ate too much of and I feel I have done quite well in keeping this resolution. I haven’t had a French Fry since late December of 2009 and now it is almost halfway through 2010. =D Hopefully I can keep this goal up and make it through the rest of the year. I’ve noticed that over time, French Fries have become more and more unappealing to me and things are getting easier. Though I do have a weak spot for restaurant style steak cut fries, but I haven’t given in yet!
Today I had a lot of issue resisting temptation and almost breaking my soda free summer. I was just sitting at my best friend’s house hanging out with her for her birthday and someone called my name. His name was Dr. Pepper. It’s not my favorite soda of choice, but I do certainly enjoy it. Whenever I would reach into the cooler to get a drink or get someone else a drink, I would see the Dr. staring at me and wanting for me to choose it for myself. It was hard resisting this temptation, but I managed thanks to my friends Water and Sweet Tea. Regardless, temptation is always around to attempt to ruin things but I will continue to do my best to avoid it.
And in response to a comment semi question:
Yes, I really did think that Alabama was filled with farms and I would end up having a pet chicken or cow or something. Honest. I’m glad this isn’t so, because I have no idea what I would do with either animal.


3 thoughts on “withdrawal.

  1. I seriously love this. Nice job writing this one definitely! XD

    And of course, congrats on keeping those resolutions! I’ll eventually join you on that bandwagon as soon as I figure out how to improve my will power. 🙂

  2. Very awesome! Yes, the French are to blame for everything. I think next years resolution should be to only eat Freedom Fries. 😐 uh…
    I’m so proud of how much willpower you have to not drink soda. You’ve been doing an amazing job, and it’s certainly inspirational to see you fight to stay healthier, despite how tempting it might be to open up a can of sugar and caffeine.
    If you could have a pet of any kind, domestic or not, chicken or cow or not, what would it be? XD

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