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Last night I had a very strange set of dreams. The fact that I remember them is quite strange in itself. My dreams were all linked by one fact, I was running. I find that strange because, personally, I’m not a runner. I don’t run for fun ever. If I’m running, it is either to catch up with someone, or just because I have a lot of energy and have to get rid of it for whatever reason and am trying to do it positively.
In one of my dreams I remember I woke up incredibly early in the morning. The sun was just rising and instead of going about my normal morning routine, I got on the treadmill in our house and just ran for a long time. There wasn’t anything eventful about this, it was just odd because I normally would not do that. In another dream I was in my dorm in college and I woke up impeccably early as well and put on some sneakers and started jogging around campus. Another thing I don’t normally do. What does all of this mean? I wish I knew. I think my dreams may be my mind trying to tell me that I seem to be running through life a lot lately. Perhaps it’s my fear of the way time appears to ‘run’ by me more and more as the days pass. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I was incredibly determined to be awake at 8 am this morning so I could be tired tonight and be able to sleep and fix my sleeping schedule in order to sit through my 8 am-5 pm college classes that are really kicking in this week starting tomorrow morning. I don’t really know, but I just felt like sharing these odd dreams from last night. Feel free to leave your insight on my running.
Comment question response:
Q: If you could have a pet of any kind, domestic or not, chicken or cow or not, what would it be?
A: Personally, I’ve always wanted a cat. But I know I’d much prefer something smaller and perhaps caged. Something like a fish. I’m quite fond of getting a rabbit or a gerbil or guinea pig or hamster someday. I’ve always found them to be cute and I feel I could take care of them more easily. The only “pet” I’ve ever had is a fish and it only lasted a few days. So, a pet in general has always been a desire.
I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of you for the supportive comments on my willpower. I really appreciate the encouragement!


6 thoughts on “treadmill.

  1. I wish I had your dreams. Maybe then I’d be encouraged to start running. I can sort of see what you mean with “running from life” though. I’m not exactly sure what it means, but interesting topic. 🙂

  2. I to wish I had your dreams.. . . haha Well, I so have interesting dreams as well..
    Question: Would you ever go like to go back and visit your culture (If you haven’t) or just learn more about it. I know I would, I was just curious.

  3. hmm..maybe it’s just a sign that you’re going to be an olympic runner..and you need to get to training. 😀

  4. Howdy, just a short note to swing by and say thx for the insights on this page. I ended up on your blog after searching wellness and fitness related stuff on Yahoo… guess I somewhat lost my focus! Nonetheless I shall be back again in the future to look at your posts down the road. See you later!

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