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Today I had two college chemistry tests. After I finished the first one, I had a few hours to work on preparing more for the second, which is what I did until class time. Why waste precious time, right? One thing I was having a particular difficulty with for a while was remembering my polyatomic ions. For some reason, I continued to miss the subscripts and exponents associated with certain polyatomic ions such as hydrogen carbonate [bicarbonate], or nitrate. I was studying them repeatedly along with the other pieces of material I had to know for this particular test. At this time I was sitting in a sort of lobby/waiting room next to a set of vending machines. There was another woman studying at a table northwest of where I was seated. This woman would occasionally exchange a few words of comments or questions with me about various things such as the vending machine failing to dispense a drink for a girl or the fact that the clock in the room does not work. The woman was clearly older than I was as well. She seemed to be one of those adults that comes back to college to earn a degree he/she didn’t earn in the past. Or perhaps she was pursuing a further advancement in degrees. Regardless, she was older than me.
You might be wondering at this point what all of this nonsense has to do with the title topic. Well, here we go. So, there I was minding my own business and continuing to review chemistry when this woman begins to gather her things to leave. Before she leaves, she turns to me and says “You know, if you have one of those graphing calculators, you can store the formulas and things that you are studying to save you time from studying. The professor won’t ever notice since he doesn’t care what kind of calculator you use. I had him and did better in my class doing that.” Basically, she was telling me I could cheat to pass my test. I gave the woman a nod and instead of staying quiet and shrugging her idea off, I had to say something to her. It’s just the type of person I am. I essentially told the woman that I didn’t mind studying them and wanted to just learn them even if they took a lot of extra time. I also told her that the subject, although not significant to the subjects I am working to receive degrees in, was something I still wanted to learn. She seemed somewhat flustered at my response and replied “Well, good for you,” and left the room.
Why am I blogging about this? Mainly because I personally have an issue with cheating. Not just on tests, but just with any situation in life. Over time, I’ve quickly learned that the best way do achieve at anything, is to do it myself. Whenever I do things with partners, the end results are not as successful to me as they are when I work by myself. I’m not saying that partners are not useful, no, I’m saying that I feel like I personally learn less from the project we are pursuing when breaking it up with a partner or group. Also, I’ve watched people cheat on tests so many times in high school and middle school. I tend to be a fast test taker and often find myself sitting awkwardly after I’m done waiting for the rest of the class to finish so my teacher could move forward. While waiting, I observe a lot of things. It’s just the type of person I am. Things catch my eye when I’m not immersed in other things such as my own test. I have definitely seen my share of cheating and I just find it pathetic. Why can’t a person just do the work? I think it’s even worse at a college level. Especially if the class is something that you have to complete towards your major. Why would you cheat on something that is going to help you with your career? I’m not saying it’s okay to cheat on classes that won’t, but I find it worse for someone to cheat on a class that is intended to play a vital role towards the degree you are looking to pursue.
Another form of cheating that bothers is me is when a person cheats on their significant other. Although I have no personally experienced this, I watch enough television and watch a lot of drama unfold in real life to see the negative effects of cheating. I personally think it’s so childish for a person to have the guts and heartless feeling towards their significant other to go out and cheat on them when they don’t have the same guts to just break the relationship with them. I think it’s worse when a person catches their significant other cheating on them rather than their significant other just breaking up with them. This is becoming a ramble and I suppose I should just get to a point. I find cheating against my morals. You may think I’m a hypocrite because I may have shared work in high school and middle school to complete homework faster. Sure. But did I learn anything from doing this? No. And that is why I avoid it as much as possible now.

Questions from Comments:
Q: [in response to “treadmill.”] Are you running from a problem?
A: I did some thinking about this and the more I think I about it, I don’t think I’m running from anything. I think I’m running to something. Perhaps towards one of the many goals I’ve set for myself? Or maybe even towards some new excitement? No telling.

Q: Would you like to go back to your culture [if you haven’t] or just learn more about it?
A: Good question! If you [readers] don’t know, I am classified as an Asian Indian. I wasn’t born in India like both of my parents, but I do have the blood and such. =D I’m always fascinated by my culture and although I haven’t been back to in India since I was in the 6th grade, I would definitely like to go visit again in the future. I also like learning new things about my culture. I find them interesting and am always interested in obtaining more knowledge about it all in general. Thanks for asking!

I also wanted to reply to a comment and point out that I never said I felt like I was “running from life.” I said I felt like I was “running through life.” The difference? Well, if I was running from life, I would be afraid of something. I did not mean to imply this. Yes, I have fears, but not enough to run from life. By saying that I felt like I was “running through life” I meant that I have been taking on a lot of tasks and such which make my time appear to move by much faster. But like I said earlier in this post, I have been thinking a lot more about it and feel more like I am running towards something. Something good, hopefully. =D

I also realize I did not post a blog the last two days. This may occur time to time when I lose track of time. But I hope you enjoy this extra long one!
Thanks for all of the comments! I truly enjoy answering any questions and reading them all.


2 thoughts on “cheating.

  1. :ooo
    I can’t believe that woman told you that! I’d honestly rather fail than to cheat. That is just who I am.

  2. Wow… Yes, it would be very easy to just punch in the formulas… But, see, personally, I don’t even know how to DO that so ehr.. it would probably take me just as much time or even more time figuring out how to punch it in to my calculator than it would to just look over the formulas, apply them a few times, and commit them to memory for the test. XD

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