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kingdom muppets.

What began as a seemingly dull Saturday ended up with a reunion between myself and some older loves. I’m not talking about ex-whatnots and well, people. I’m talking about a video game and some hilarious classic characters. Today I touched my Nintendo DS for the first time since my plane ride home from Pasadena, California in early January of this year. This was also the last time I played the particular game I picked back up today. The game? Kingdom Hearts 358/2. Yes, I adore the series. I can be somewhat obsessed at times over it, actually. I played this game for a several hours today and past the frustrations I had, I advanced in the game and enjoyed playing it again. I’m going to continue working at it in my free time.
While I was playing, I began to really think about how this game compares to some other fighting/battle type games. In some games, when you kill a character, blood gushes out and sometimes in the more graphic ones, guts and gore fill your game screen. When one kills a character in Kingdom Hearts, green, yellow, and sometimes blue/white orbs appear that aid in restoring your health, working as money, or restoring your magic power. How pleasant does that sound in comparison to the bloodier version? Sometimes I wish more games were as pleasant as the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series. In Final Fantasy, one will often find their victories celebrated with dancing and music rather than blood and gore. What a more optimistic result to a character’s slaying. It’s amusing really. Also, in the particular game I was playing, Kingdom Hearts 358/2, the main character Roxas often celebrates his day with a friend or two and enjoys the delicacy of “sea-salt ice cream” with them. I know this game sounds incredibly childish, and at times, it may be with the Disney characters throughout and other child references, but that’s one of the many aspects to this series of games that I particularly enjoy.
Another thing I relived today was my love for The Muppets. You know, the characters the amazing Jim Henson created? Kermit the Frog, Ms. Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear and others have always left me smiling and incredibly content. I never seem to get bored with the movies and other related material including these lovable characters. Today I rewatched Muppets from Space along with Muppets take Manhattan with my best friend. I adore these movies because the story lines, though simple and sweet, are filled with wonderful though sometimes corny jokes that always make me laugh. Along with this, the music is something that keeps my attention and makes the movies even more intriguing.
I know these things sound childish and I could have spent the time doing more mature things like reading scholarly texts and such, but sometimes I feel everyone needs to take the time to relive the younger part of themselves. The part that may not want to grow up just yet and want to stay a child forever. Or perhaps to balance out the stress that growing up can often bring. Everyone just needs some corny laughs and jokes every once in a while. Or some mindless, amusing games that take you away from reality for a short period of time and take you to a fantasy world where life seems so much more pleasant. Every so often, I think we should all just sit outside and just enjoy some “sea salt ice cream.” ;D


2 thoughts on “kingdom muppets.

  1. I agree entirely. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh and I LOVE that picture of Axel, Roxas and Xion. <333 So cute. I- I really don't know what to say here since we discussed this in person…

    I must blog!

  2. So, I was reading through “blood and karma” trying to find where you mentioned the use of blood in video games, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was certain I had read it before, but I couldn’t find it. I thought it certainly had to be in the post with the mention of blood in the title. 😮

    Anyway, found it now though. I just wanted to comment on how much I agree with that. I can’t stand the use of bloods and guts, etc. in video games. I love the nice fun little way Kingdom Hearts does it, as well as some other games I’m fond of. And that doesn’t make me a little kid. 🙂

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