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Perhaps it is because I have been fighting many different creatures [heartless] in my video game [see previous entry] or perhaps it is because I had the longest day in my chemistry courses thus far with one of the most obnoxious labs I’ve ever had to complete in my life consuming the bulk of my first class along with half of my lunch time but I have noticed how easily I can be frustrated by things. Sure, I’ve probably known this for years but sometimes I forget and allow it to encompass my day. What with shouting “die, die, die!” at my Nintendo DS repeatedly or erasing or scribbling on my notes/worksheets/labs in my Chemistry class, I find small ways to deal with my frustrations in ways that don’t physically harm anyone [minus some heartless of course ;D]. I may not be making much sense here, let me try to explain. The point is, although I find myself getting frustrated by random things throughout my day [within good reason usually], I attempt to deal with it in nonthreatening [to people] ways. Sometimes it may not help resolve anything, but I feel it’s best to get things out rather than leave them in. I think that was really my point. People need to be more open with their problems. Often when people stay quiet about things and hold them in for a long period of time, they blow up at a harmless person/thing and this often causes disputes. I feel that if you take a problem and deal with it head on, it tends to resolve best. 😀


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