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june 11, 2010.

Today I spent the entire game playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2. When I say the entire day, I mean it fairly literally. I woke up at 10 today, showered, and beyond watching bits and pieces of the Fifa World Cup and observing mealtimes and giving my brother a ride somewhere, I spent the day engulfed in my DS beating heartless and unlocking various things. Needless to say, my left hand is not in the best shape right now. I either gained a lot of thumb muscle today, or just increased my arthritis/carpal tunnel future issues that I expect to have.
To some of you, this may seem like a complete waste of a perfectly good Friday. A Friday when the weather was actually sunny and not storming the entire day as it may be this next week. A Friday where I didn’t have schoolwork or other things to occupy my mind in and could have went out with friends to do various things. Sure, that crossed my mind, but the game was just so intriguing, I couldn’t stop. At one point I checked the time and realized it was almost 7 PM and I had been playing the game a lot today, but I kept playing. I stopped around 10 PM when the battery on my DS died and I was beginning to do worse and worse in the game, probably because my hands were screaming for mercy at this point. Definite signs to quit.
This leads me to this thought, how does time appear to go so fast when I’m encompassed in something like a video game compared to when I’m in class or doing absolutely nothing and it ticks by ever so slowly. I mean, sure, as the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun” and I agree that sitting in class [usually] and doing absolutely nothing are definitely not “fun” so I can see why time would speed by much more quickly when I am enjoying myself. However, I have my own reasons for why my time seems to go so much faster on days like today versus the previous four when I spent most of my time in a Chemistry class. I think the first reason could be sleep. I slept until I woke up today rather than having an alarm force me awake so I could be somewhere. Another thing could be my agenda. I had nothing planned today so this led to a complete freedom of a day and an amount of time to do with as I pleased. Also, when most of us are in class or doing absolutely nothing, we want time to move so fast that it appears to move slower because we pay so much attention to it. Well, I don’t know if any of this truly made sense, but it’s just a thought I have often. Thoughts about time and why my life has a dysfunctional relationship with it most often. One last thing, I sometimes wish we had “rollover” minutes in the real world like cell phone companies offer for our phones. Sometimes I just wish I had a little extra time. I understand that this thought has many issues with it, but we can all dream right?


2 thoughts on “june 11, 2010.

  1. Me likes this. I also agree with your reasons for why time goes faster and slower. My days seem to go so much slower when I have school, or even a busy and scheduled day.

    I tried to use as many different, uh, points of view (?) as I could in this comment. Me hopes you enjoy. 😀

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