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Today my dad and I woke up very early and drove to Georgia. I drove for the firstfour hours and my dad drove the last hour or so to our destination in Decatur, Georgia along with our drive back home. We were running errands for my parents store and also going to go buy some groceries for our house from the Indian store there. Along with this, we ended up going to a convention for people like my dad who own stores like my parents’ and this was a last minute decision but ended up being a good one at that. My dad and I ended up receiving a free lunch and even won a raffle. It was such a joy to see the surprised excitement on my dad’s face when they called out our ticket number. I love seeing my dad happy.
Over the time we spent in the car [about 10 hours or so] and all the time in Georgia [about 3-4 hours or so], I realized how much I truly missed just going out with my parents. Since I’ve had my license and have become comfortable with driving anywhere and everywhere it seems my parents and I don’t ever go out together anymore. And as I grow older, I realize that this will continue. This lack of traveling together that used to be our form of bonding will continue to occur. It’s somewhat sad even after all the time my brother and I have spent obtaining our freedom although we lack a lot of it.
I also spent a lot of time talking to my dad in the car today about my future, his future, and our future along with our present state. It was interesting to hear what my dad thought on various issues such as college, our location, my parents’ job and other things. With all this said, I just wanted to add that the future is often scary. It’s just insane to think about how fast time is flying. How soon enough, I’ll be through with school and living completely on my own with a husband and a family of my own to bond with. Absolutely insane.


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  1. Its hard to believee tthat two years ago we were sitting on your bed talking about the future, and here now we are do the same. It makes we wonder- does time repeat?

  2. I have found that over time, I actually enjoy talking to my parents (usually my mom) about such things as the future or even life in general. I never really enjoyed talking to them much about topics such as that, but I really like it now. And it’s usually an every day thing, unless I’m just not in a great mood or something. But it’s nice to have them there to talk to about stuff like this. 😀

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