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It seems unattainable, but I have always had a desire for perfection in everything I do. Currently I’m working on a little painting project and I find myself layering paint and working hard to make my lines as close to perfect as possible. I know I’m a little obsessive compulsive about various things in my life, but sometimes I find myself spending hours on the smallest imperfection. I know things won’t be perfect. If things and people didn’t have flaws, we wouldn’t be who we are. The world would be so boring if everyone was perfect. Our flaws make the world more interesting. I realize I’ve already discussed a road somewhat previously this week, but I find this metaphor to fit several situations. Often I find that life is a road to perfection. Are we setting ourselves up to fail? Perfection isn’t going to occur but we can get close, correct? Flaws will always exist. There may be sayings of people having the perfect bodies, hair, or other such things, but that’s truly based on opinion. What may appear to be perfect in one person’s eyes may be the complete opposite in another’s. Through all of this rambling on perfection, my point is, no matter how much I realize that imperfections will always exist, I see myself always continuing to perfect things until I’m satisfied. Why quit unsatisfied?


One thought on “perfection.

  1. “Perfection isn’t going to occur but we can get close, correct?”

    That’s what I’m hoping for! You know my ideas and dreams of finally sticking to a diet and exercise. It’s nice to have something to work towards and to be determined to achieve it. 😀

    Oh, and even if nobody is perfect, which they aren’t, it’s definitely enjoyable to imagine and dream of some people “having the perfect bodies, hair, or other such things…” 😉

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