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When people I talk to regularly say they are crazy, I often reply by saying that if they weren’t crazy, I wouldn’t talk to them in the first place. Today I found myself face to face with a new form of crazy, Crazy Carolyn that is. Crazy Carolyn is a woman who owns a wig shop about 20 minutes or so from my house. My best friend was looking for a wig to cos-play with and we decided to check this place out. This woman talked. And that’s putting it lightly. She talked and talked and well… talked. I wish I had more patience. I tried to listen to her, but I often found my mind and attention wandering off from the thousands of things she was saying about her wig shop life. I know I talk a lot. I’ll admit it. I know some people can’t keep up with me, but Crazy Carolyn, was even too much for me. She makes my excessive talking seem like nothing.
Anyway, another thing I find completely crazy is smoking. Earlier my mother and I were talking and went onto the subject of smoking for whatever reason. I realized once again that I am turning 19 in a month from tomorrow. That means I’ll legally be able to buy cigarettes in this state [among other things] and although to many people, that’s fine and dandy, to me it doesn’t even matter. I don’t plan on smoking. I find it absolutely atrocious and can’t stand the smell or the taste from secondhand smoke. It’s gross. I also like the way my lungs work currently and, yes, I know not all smoking causes lung disease, but you get what I mean.
What I find most crazy about smoking are some of the people who do it. Particularly those that are parents. No, I’m not saying it’s completely awful for a parent to smoke. What I’m trying to say is that I find it awful when parents somewhat neglect their children’s needs for cigarettes. For example, in my parents store, I often seen parents with their children come in to purchase a package of cigarettes. The children almost always act the same way: shy, somewhat quiet until they see that shiny packaging on a candy bar or find a drink that they desire to purchase and realize that the only way they can have said item is by asking their parents. So, while the parent is at the counter making a transaction, the child generally comes over to the parent, or attempts to get their attention somehow by tapping on their leg, arm, etc., and asks for the item they so desire. Generally the item is a candy bar or a soft drink/juice of some sort. What else would kids want from a gas station? This is the crazy part that I witness so often. 8 out of 10 times it seems the response from the parent is always “I’m busy, put that back.” or “We don’t have enough money for that, put that back.” Hmm. Do you see the problem here? The parent would rather spend their money on their own personal pack of /cigarettes/ rather than bringing joy to their child who just wants a little snack. Mind you, this is my opinion, and my opinion is that parents should never neglect their child’s needs to get a pack of cigarettes. That’s crazy.


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  1. I can’t believe you actually managed to bring in “Crazy Carolyn” into your blog. Nice one. XD And I couldn’t agree more about the smoking. There’s really no need for me to repeat it. And those parents you speak of would be considered irresponsible parents who shouldn’t even be parents. Parents like that are part of the problem in this country today I think. 🙂

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