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It is 10 am on a Saturday. Honestly, I should be sleeping. Unfortunately I’m not. Today was supposed to be the one day I get to sleep in for the first time in about two or three weeks. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately and it’s starting to have a physical effect on me. I find myself randomly experiencing symptoms of sickness but not exactly being sick. So, today was going to be the day I slept in. Why am I not? Well, unlike my brother who can sleep though pretty much anything, I’m a fairly light sleeper.
For the past few hours it has been storming. I was forced awake at around 8:45-9 am this morning. At first I decided to stay in bed and hoped that this would be one of those short storms that often occurs. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I think the storm has slowed down/ceased for the moment, but it definitely went on loudly and obnoxiously for a while. I eventually just got up at 9:30 and sat in the living room hearing the storm wreak havoc.
Often I say I hate storms. Oftentimes, I do. But truly, this is not the case. I don’t hate the product of the storms exactly, I just hate how it effects me. Storms, or well, rain is good for us right? We don’t want to be in a drought. But the humidity the storms cause along with the fact that they make it incredibly difficult to drive or keep one from enjoying a walk outside [or to class] are just things I hate. This morning the storm ruined my sleep. The other day it ruined what was supposed to be an afternoon poolside at my best friend’s house.
Last year a vicious storm helped to create one of the most memorable band experiences I will never forget. During marching season, I for whatever reason volunteered myself to play in a pep band that would play for the Alumni cruises around the river by campus. At first this seemed like a way to just pass a Friday night before a football game but instead turned into a disaster. The first cruise had to remain stationery because the storm was too strong. There were a total of 3 cruise rides. The band students were antsy, soaked, and somewhat in fear from the storm. The fear was partially caused by the thought of the boat sinking or some other disastrous occurrence that one of our drum majors gave us precautions about. At the end of the night, two cruise boats had moved and I, along with almost everyone else, was soaked. The storm at that point in time, caused me to get sick.
Essentially, I don’t exactly /hate/ storms, though I may often express my feelings towards them like this, I just hate the effects of the storms. The thoughts of storms destroying homes much less wrecking days and sleep are just unsettling. Before I end this post, I just wanted to add that the storm outside has ceased [for now] and it is slowly becoming a bright and sunny [and surely humid] day. Happy Saturday?


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