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For the most part, they are truly the only direct way of watching ourselves in real time. For some they can be very scary for they can easily show us our appearance flaws [or what we deem them to be so] or imperfections that many people find completely terrible. In our society we care so much about what we look like on the outside. Sure, people will claim that is truly what is inside that counts most, and sure, I will completely agree with that. But isn’t what our first impression of a person completely based on what we can see of them? When we meet a person in person for the first time, our first true judgement, and don’t tell me you don’t judge because truly everyone judges in their own way, is of their appearance. As much as we try to find the most positive aspect to judge a person by, we as humans are often flawed in that we tend to see the imperfections more quickly.
Point being, mirrors are a way of judging ourselves before others can. I believe that most of us use a mirror at least twice a day if not more. I know I use a mirror whenever I generally get a chance. It’s not because I am particularly obsessed with my appearance or anything. It’s more that I don’t want to contain a major flaw that may leave a bad impression in case someone doesn’t truly get to know me if I happen to meet someone for the first time. I think first impressions are very important, as I’ve stated in a previous entry [deja vu].
Why did I bring this particular household object up tonight? Well, earlier I was at the mall and while waiting for my friend to use the restroom, I happened to glance at myself in the mirror. Beyond noticing that my hair was frizzy, my eyes were tired, and there was a deep crease on one of my shirt sleeves that I could not tell you the origin of, I really looked at myself. As though conversing mentally with myself as one might give themselves a personal pep talk prior to an interview or such. When I looked at myself I randomly began to put where I was in perspective. It wasn’t just a bathroom. It was a location at a specific time on a specific date. I know this may not make much, if any, sense, but I suppose what I’m trying to say is that from time to time, realization truly hits me and I think about where I am in my life. In a little more than a month I will be back on campus at the University of Alabama and continuing my college career, entering my second year of college. In 7 class days [3 this week, 4 next] I will hopefully have completed my last science classes I need to obtain my degree in the future. My point is, sometimes I just have to stop and think about my present. I spend so much time thinking about my future or dwelling on something in the past that I sometimes forget the present. Today is Monday, June 21st, 2010. To some it’s just another day. But today I went to my two chemistry classes, met up with some friends after and saw Toy Story 3. Afterwards we hung around at the mall until almost 9 PM. We shared a lot of conversations and stayed out of trouble. To some that may seem like nothing. It may even seem completely boring. To me, it’s another page in book that is my life.


3 thoughts on “mirrors.

  1. Is it really just another page, or is it something much more than that? Is it a page with gold or silver trim, or a white page with black type?

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