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Oftentimes, especially when I get upset about something, I find the best solution is to just let my shoulders drop [because they generally are raised and filled with tension at this point] and just inhale deeply and breathe. And speaking of shoulders, have you ever caught yourself so stressed out that you catch yourself indeed holding your shoulders up? I have noticed it quite often in the past year. It seems to be my first go-to thing to check when I feel stressed out about something.
Beyond the obvious helping of us survive, to me, breathing means much more sometimes. Breathing is one of the most important aspects for me to be able to do one of my favorite things, play an instrument. If I don’t take the proper breath, I can’t play with my best sound. I have been told that I often do have a breathing issue when playing my Trombone. Sometimes it sounds so odd. How can I be having an issue with something I do so regularly? I guess that’s just it, isn’t it? We breathe so regularly [hopefully] that when our mind is at it’s highest stress level or just trying to do something that can be complicated such as playing an instrument, we forget to do the simplest things, such as breathe.
I also find this case exists with many other things beyond breathing. Like in complex math equations in school. Yes, I hate them too and am lucky to have completed all of my math requirements for hopefully the rest of my life, but I always notice that when the equations and work got more and more complicated, I would sometimes forget to do the simplest addition or subtraction of something.
I don’t really think I have a point beyond, I need to breathe more often and try to remember the simple things. 😀


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