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It’s at that time of my summer vacation when I can’t wait to go back to school. I’m sure many of you may think I’m crazy. I mean, why would I want to go back to /school/ of all places? Why would I want to return to the heavy stress filled with homework and tests that is absolutely perhaps some of the best time of my life. Well, I’m already dealing with “schoolwork” right now since I am taking a summer course. I guess I haven’t really had a free summer just yet either, minus the few weeks in May.
I suppose what I am trying to say is that I’m ready to go back to college life.The schooling that I am currently doing [and finishing up in four days] is not the same as the schooling that I do at the University of Alabama. Here, I wake up at home and go to class and when I’m done I return home. At UA, I wake up in my dorm room and go to class and stay in the little community that surrounds all of my classes. A lot of the time, I don’t even return to my dorm room until later in the evening.
Hmm, perhaps it’s still not school that I want to go back to. Perhaps it’s more the college world. Though, I will admit, I do like school a lot sometimes. Sure, that sounds insane. Why would I like school? I say, why not? I like structure in my life. School is filled with structure. I like keeping busy. I also like having a planned day. School fulfills these things that I prefer in my life. I like college even more because of the freedom that I get. I don’t have to worry about being “home” at a certain time. It’s just simpler. I also lets me rehearse living in the real world outside of my family. As much as I love my family, sometimes I just want a little more freedom.
College: with all of the complexities with does contain, it is truly simpler world.

Comment responses [I neglected to do this in the last entry.]:
Q: [From mirrors.] Is it really just another page, or is it something much more than that? Is it a page with gold or silver trim, or a white page with black type?
A:  I suppose the pages of my life are all different. Depending on the goings-on of that particular day. I suppose if my life were set up as a scrapbook, 6/21 would contain some sort of Toy Story 3 themed paper containing my movie ticket and a picture of all of the people I was fortunate enough to see it with. It would also be filled with quotes from the day and from the movie itself. I believe life is really like a scrapbook, isn’t it? Or well, memories. The good and bad. Mentally filled in a mentally created scrapbook. The scraps being the figments that I remember best. The faces, the words, the laughs, etc.


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  1. I’m excited about starting my college career! I’m ready to have a more free lifestyle, like the college experience.

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