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Today and yesterday have been the kinds of days where I can’t specifically recall anything significant happening. I have spent a lot more time on my laptop than usual which has been quite unlike me this entire summer. Tonight I was sitting on facebook, which I find myself doing too often, and a friend challenged me. A writing challenge in particular. My friend told me I should write a 1,000 word blog entry about a word. Any word. I decided to choose his favorite word because I felt like it would fit best. So here I am blogging about the word Shenanigans. For those of you who care, that was word 89. Shenanigans can be defined as “secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering” and also as “silly or high spirited behavior; mischief.” Oddly enough, I feel that this word suits me quite well. I often find myself participating in shenanigans in the second explanation of the word anyway. I’m sure there are several other definitions; those were just the first two I came across. Regardless, shenanigans define my outings. Especially my outings at a particular park that my friends and I very fond of. The first time I went to the park was actually a random shenanigan in itself. In 2009, on Valentine’s Day, my best friend and I decided that we wanted to do something fun that didn’t involve boyfriends, heart shaped candies, or other such instances that relate to the holiday. We wanted to celebrate in our own way and I had never been to the park and she felt it would be the perfect place to go and hang out. This is exactly what we did. And we took pictures. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures. I will always remember 2/14/09 because it was truly one the best days I ever spent with my best friend. Just running around aimlessly in the park from noon to after sundown. What a blast.
Since that day, my friends and I have ventured into the park several times. I have hundreds of pictures of my friends and I falling into various shenanigans around the park. I must admit, that park is filled with many of my memories. Literally. Somewhere in that park, my camera was lost. The day after I turned 18, my friends and I decided to run around the park and have yet another random outing. I don’t know exactly how it happened but I lost my digital camera at some point that day. That camera contained pictures from my 18th birthday and from that day in the park along with videos we had filmed of us goofing off. To this day I miss that camera and always wonder what it would be like to just find it randomly. Who knows, right? Maybe it’s still around somewhere? I have had several dreams about uncovering that camera, in fact. I don’t know what they mean, but I have yet to find it and it has almost been a year now.  I suppose that was a result of shenanigans that ended up negative.
This leads me to another thought. Everything has a positive and negative end. Literally everything. People, places, things, etc. Everything. As much as I may love my friends, we do have negative times. No one is perfect. I will definitely admit to being one who isn’t. If I were perfect, life would be so boring. I couldn’t imagine a world where everyone was perfect. It’s kind of like that movie, The Invention of Lying, where the entire world is quote/unquote “perfect” and no one tells lies. Would that truly be perfect? I guess if everyone did it, maybe. Since I suppose that would be the norm, but I couldn’t imagine it, honestly. I couldn’t imagine such a crazy world where people always told the truth. It’s like trying to imagine a world without shenanigans. And that was word 643, for those of you still counting.
Shenanigans. Could you imagine a world without them? A world where mischief didn’t exist and people went to the park to… do what now? What would you do at a park that wasn’t at least a little bit crazy, mischievous, and high spirited. I couldn’t even imagine anything such as that. For truly, shenanigans fill our daily lives. I know they definitely fill mine.
Well, this blog entry has run around and around aimlessly as I had originally thought it might. And although it may seem as though I have fulfilled my challenge goal of 1,000 words, I’m not quite there just yet.
I think I want to take a moment and just thank all of my readers for putting up with my writings filled with shenanigan thus far… I’m quite happy with my blog and actually still get excited to post on it. I truly hope I can keep up for several more months, years, and who knows what else. Honestly, I just like to be able to write my thoughts down. Even if they are on things just as simple as the word shenanigans. Though I suppose that word isn’t even truly simple, is it? Nothing ever is.
Oh and here’s another thought. I absolutely hate it when I see a word or say a word so many times that it begins to not seem like a real word anymore. The word “shenanigans” is starting to do that. Maybe that’s the point though? Maybe the word is trying to fulfill its definitions and truly be what it is. Who knows? I feel as though I’m to the point where I am just rambling aimlessly, but I really do have a point, in a sense. My point is that shenanigans, as high spirited, mischievous, secretive, and silly they may be, are a crucial part of my life. As I can only imagine they are to yours.
Finally: as old as I continue to get, I will always enjoy the silliness of the various shenanigans in my life. And this is word 1,000.


3 thoughts on “shenanigans.

  1. This. is. amazing. Oh my gosh. XD
    And that day, Valentine’s Day, will always be one of my most cherished memories with you, too. ❤ That, and last night. xD

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