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There are about 23 hours left until July 17th, 2010. That date will mark my 19th birthday, and honestly, I am absolutely pumped about it. It’s not because of the fact that I will be legally able to buy cigarettes and such and just be legal in pretty much all 50 states in America. Not at all. Smoking has no appeal to me at all. It never has and I really don’t see how it ever will. Regardless, I have never felt so excited about my birthday before. Or well, not in so long. Since I turned 13, birthdays have just seemed somewhat insignificant to me. Well, my own birthdays anyway. I adore it when my friends birthdays come around because, for whatever reason, I love making handmade birthday cards, or just sharing in their excitement over their big days. In my own case, not so much. Until now. For whatever reason, I have been more excited about my upcoming birthday than I have been in a long time.
The more I think about it, the more I wonder, “Why is this particular birthday so important to me?” I mean, I honestly didn’t really celebrate some of my major birthday years. You know, the ones that most average teenagers patiently wait every second of the year for? After thirteen, the average teenager generally appears to wait for their 15th birthday. That’s a big age, you know. Why? Because that’s probably the first inch of freedom a child begins to get. Or well, in this country [for the most part] anyway. In Alabama, turning 15 means a person can get their driver’s permit after passing a simple written exam. Personally, I was somewhat excited about this, but not really. I had no desire to drive. Actually, I didn’t even really celebrate my 16th birthday for the same reason. Truly, although that was perhaps a birthday I enjoyed, I personally celebrated 15 twice that year. And I don’t really regret it. At 16, when most teenagers immediately go and take their driver’s test and begin to get cars and obtain more freedom, I still had no desire to drive. I didn’t even attempt to get my driver’s license until the April before my 17th birthday. In other words, I waited almost 10 months to take my driver’s license test. And I’ll be honest, I failed the first time. Nerves, of course. I wasn’t confident as a driver because I guess I really didn’t really want it. My parents have always said that when I want something, I work hard until I get it which was why my mom was surprised when I didn’t pass my test the first time. Regardless, I eventually did get my license about 2 weeks before I turned 17. Seventeen. A birthday that, once again, didn’t mean too much beyond the fact that I found the number trick to be ultra amusing. [Leave a comment if you got that one. ;D] Last year I was more excited about turning 18 than I had been the previous years, but it still doesn’t compare to this year. For whatever reason, I have mentally been bouncing off the walls about my birthday. I honestly just can’t wait. The fact that there are 23 hours left is almost driving me insane.
Oddly enough, I feel I have some simple though perhaps complicated plans for my birthday. A birthday lunch. Sounds simple, yes? It feels quite complicated to me. My guest list is officially at 17 people, as of today. Ha, another number trick for my birthday. I really hope everything works out perfectly. I also hope that it doesn’t rain that day, although all of my plans are indoors. Again, I don’t really know why my brain so perked up about this upcoming birthday, but I am really, very excited about turning 19 right now. =D


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  1. Again, your somewhat random, but extremely relevant blogs make my day. :]]
    I am excited about your birthday too! 😀 I can’t wait to see ya! :))

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