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never forget.

There are certain days in everyone’s life [or at least I assume so] that they cannot ever forget. Days such as significant birthdays, your first car wreck, and of course your wedding day. Today was one of those days. There wasn’t really a significant point to today beyond that it was my former high school band’s rookie camp day. I decided to go help with that and invest my day in a positive way. I had no idea what I would be doing today honestly. Although I had been through the rookie camp regime for four years since I was once a rookie myself and a part of the leadership team that assists in training the rookies for the other three, I still had no idea. Honestly, I never really know what a day is going to hold for me. I can only assume. As with most things, right? Regardless, I went into rookie camp expecting to perhaps assist with marching and doing any odd jobs for my band director to whom I always feel I will owe my greatest gratitude too. Oh, and I think everyone has that one person in their lives [or more] who isn’t related to you that you will always be willing to help no matter what. For me, it’s my best friend and my high school band directors. I owe them all so much for they have affected my life most greatly.
Anyway, a few hours into rookie camp, my former band director gave me and a friend of mine a task. To line the practice football field. Sounds easy? It’s far from it. Trust me. It required being out in the ultra humidity for several hours, moving a line 5 yards to 5 yards and going over it with white paint. Mind you, a football field is far from a small place. Although I’ve been on football fields for several years now, going up and down the field repeatedly today definitely showed me that a lot of space exists there. I also learned that although I do consider my former high school band director to be superman quite often, he’s far more than that. The fact that he has been lining the field let alone doing the thousands of other various tasks he does are things that I am always in awe of. I deeply have a high level of respect for what he does especially after doing one of the tasks he normally does often today. Who would have thought that making a football field sized straight line would be so difficult? Even when all you seemingly have to do is guide a little paint machine thing up and down the field. I clearly underestimated this. It was not simple. It was exhausting, messy, and just… not my idea of a favorite pass time, not that I really believe any one would this for fun.
I’m not complaining, honestly, I really didn’t mind doing the random odd job I didn’t expect. I’m just pointing out that many times life hands you crazy things that you thought would be one way, but end up going a completely different route. And this brings me to my title topic. I will definitely never forget today. I mean, I may forget the date and such, but not what I did today. Honestly, this may not seem like a big deal to you, my readers, but to me, it means a lot. I, personally, have never mowed a lawn much less done anything similar to what I did today. After a much needed shower, I have to say, I’m quite proud of making it though. Sure, at times I screamed loudly about the weather and how incredibly warm it would get occasionally, but really, my friend and I tried to keep our spirits up and keep working knowing the reward our work would bring later. Now the band students have a lined field to march on during band camp next week. And that’s an achievement that was definitely worth all that work.


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