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The body aches have returned. This truly signifies that it is once again marching band season. This week I have had the privilege of aiding with my high school’s band camp. My body is very sore but everything is well worth it. I have really enjoyed watching the students improve as always. 4 more days of band camp left. In about a week and half, I’ll be venturing into another band camp. /My/ band camp. That’s right, college life consumes me in a week and half. August 8th is my return to campus date. Oh boy. Today, my best friend, another friend, and my brother and I along with my best friend’s dad [who did all of the cutting and sawing] and my parents took apart one of the biggest trees in my back yard that had partially fallen the other day during a storm. That was also incredibly exhausting. I know one thing for sure, I should be sleeping very well tonight.


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