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It is indeed August 1st. That means my life is about to go back in to overdrive. August signifies the return to school along with band camp and just the craziness of college life in general. I, for one, am overwhelmed. I can’t believe that the remainder of summer flew by so quickly. This morning, I began making a packing/final purchase list to begin my preparations for my move back to Tuscaloosa. I’m excited yet upset at the same time. I’m excited that the next chapter of my student life is going to begin but upset that I am going to have to leave many people behind. Sure, I’ll be writing letters and keeping in touch through Facebook and such, but it’s just not the same. Seeing a person and texting them are two completely different feelings.
Most of all I am going to miss the comforts of home. My dorm room may be fantastic but there is nothing like a home cooked meal and sleeping in your own bed. Sure, I’ll come home and visit when I can, but it seems almost impossible in my head that I’ll actually get some time this year. I know it was difficult for me to come home last fall with my schedule as it was and I expect it to be even harder this year. As each year passes, classes get harder and time appears to move faster. A week from today I’ll be back in Tuscaloosa. Am I unhappy about this? No. I’ll just miss home.


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