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winding down.

Today was the last day of my high school’s band camp. They sounded absolutely fantastic and I am very proud of all the hard work they have done in the past week. It’s one of those many days that makes me proud to be an alumnus of such an awesome program and to be able to say that I was once a member of such an exceptional group. Great job!
On another note, this means that I now have 5 days until I move back to Tuscaloosa and begin my own band camp and shortly after, classes. Oh my. I realized I have a lot of shopping and packing to do. Tomorrow I am going with my dad to do something, so I may not get much done, but hopefully I can hit the store soon and start piling things into boxes and bags.
I am going to miss all of my friends and of course my family. I’ve once again grown attached to and used to the way things are at home. Transitioning back could be tough, but there is no telling. I may just snap back without thinking. Sometimes routines just come naturally. Regardless, summer 2010, at least for me, is pretty much over. I’ve accomplished a lot and can’t wait to continue to do much more. Gotta keep pushing forward, right? 😀


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