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I often wish I could remember to carry some sort of little book to write down memorable/funny/silly things people I know say. Most of the time I send them to twitter to document them, but it’s not what I’ll probably look back to years from now. If I had a book to quote every hilarious thing from this past month alone, no telling how much amusement I could have right now. I also find a lot of meaning to famous quotes. I actually keep a book of famous quotes from literature and other old works and sometimes when I want something random to think about to help me fall asleep, I flip through that book. I find that quotes from books and such do have a lot of meaning. There is always a reason for what was written. Authors don’t just throw stuff onto paper [not the good ones anyway]. There is reason. I don’t know where this ramble is leading to, this was just a thought in my head. Reason. I feel like I have a reason for everything I do. Or well, I /need/ a reason. A lot of times the reason is “because I can,” and I think that’s a good reason for me, right? If I feel up to doing something, I will. I don’t mind aiding others. I don’t do it because I expect something in return, these things should just be done for the good of mankind. Or something like that. Again, I have no idea where this ramble is going. I’m just getting some things in my head down in print. Happy Monday!


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  1. *too lazy to login it seems*

    ❤ I have a book of quotes, too. And I already have my literature books in for this semester and they are sitting on my desk… I've been flipping through so much of the English lit. book. XD I just… love it.

    But not as much as I love you. ;n;<3

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