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standing out.

One thing I definitely love to do is stand out. I mean, sure, I do like to blend in as well, but I like my personality to shine. No, I’m not saying I want attention all the time. Not at all. I mean, I just like to be… remembered. You know? This week, I’ve been trying very hard to get to know all of the new members of my section in the Million Dollar Band. On the first full day, I made myself the goal of learning all of their first names and faces before the day ended. I stuck to it and had them down by the afternoon rehearsal. Now I’m working on getting to know them a lot better and to create even more lasting relationships and memories as the days go by. I’ve shared many laughs and interesting conversations with the new members of my large section of 37 trombone players and I’m glad to be a part of it all. I’m also glad they are able to remember who I am. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have a rather unique name? Or the simple fact that I’m one of the 3 girls and the oldest one, in fact. The only girl who is what they call a ‘vet’ [returning member] from last year. What ever it may be, I am certainly enjoying band camp. I forgot how much I missed just playing in marching band. Sure, I definitely had a /blast/ instructing and such at my high school band camp for a second year two weeks ago, but playing and actually doing it myself is a different personal reward. I couldn’t be more grateful. 😀


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