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caught up.

Do you ever have those times when you get so caught up in your life and completely lose track of what day it is? Today I realized it was Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday and it’s going to [as it looks right now anyway] be the easiest day I’ve had in the past three weeks. I’m excited about it. The thing is, I hate when the excitement sometimes turns into a drop in my work ethic. I try not to let that happen. For instance, I was actually doing school work before I just decided to take a break to blog. My classes are quite interesting thus far. We, of course, haven’t done too much yet but I tend to [if you haven’t noticed from my previous entries] fall heavily into first impressions. It may be a bad thing, but normally it ends up being good on my end for I can tell what to expect just from a few minutes of talking to someone or knowing of someone. Oh, another thing, relying on first impressions and just judging someone are different things in my mind. Sure, it may not seem like that to you, but they really. I feel that judging someone is more based on having no knowledge of them. A first impression gives you a lot of knowledge about a person. You can tell by someone’s voice whether they have a confidence, arrogance, or some other extremity about them. You can also tell if a person is going to be stubborn or not often as well. It’s really hard to explain my point here in words at the moment so I’m going to move on. Regardless, my original point was that I enjoy pretty much all of my classes thus far. Tomorrow will be a second day in most of my classes from Wednesday, so it should be a lot lighter and easier to handle. Also, I don’t have marching band rehearsal so my day will end a lot earlier and less smelly, if you know what I’m talking about. Haha! Today I realized I’ve been here for two weeks and have already done so much. I forgot how fast paced the college world really is. Busybusybusy. Soon enough I can hopefully do some other form of catching up, and get some sleep. 😀


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