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I try my hardest to live life with as few regrets as possible. Some people will admit that they have /no/ regrets but I just find that pretty impossible to attain. Sure, there are things I regret. People I wish I could have had a chance to meet. Memories I wish I could have created in place. But there are also several things that people say “you’ll regret missing” that I, honestly, have and may not ever feel the same about. You know, things like the high school prom, which I never went to. Or just high school dances in general, another thing I never did. But you know what, I’m definitely fine with all that. I absolutely loved high school and don’t really regret much at all if anything about it. Most of my regrets are from a much earlier age. Regrets about joining various clubs and doing certain things that may or may not have made me a slightly different person to some degree. I regret never taking piano lessons. That is probably one of the top things on my short list of regrets. I am self taught at piano but not amazing at all. Sure, I understand most of the basics of how to do it, I just want to be able to do it better.
I also regret not talking to my grandfather [mom’s side] more. He passed away last summer and I definitely miss him. I share a lot of his traits according to my mother, and I wish I had gotten to talk to him more than I did. Luckily I did get to talk to him unlike my dad’s father who passed away a month or so around the day I was born. Regardless, I am striving so hard to not regret anything this school year. Thus far, I am quite happy and haven’t regretted anything yet. As confused as I am about classes and such right now, I’m going to try to stay on the positive end of the spectrum and work for a regret-free year.


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  1. I’ve always lived by the words “regret nothing”. I can honestly say that at this point in my life I have no regrets. Every closed door has an open one right beside it 😀

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