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Thinking is something you really just have to do. I know that sounded incredibly, well, “duh”, right? But honestly, it’s just something that’s on my mind this morning. Thoughts. Many of them. Thoughts about my recent events, my day today, and several other things. One thing is the thought of my friends. I’m so pleased to be acquainted with just completely amazing people. My friends never cease to amaze me. The things they do and say tend to always leave a smile on my face. I’m fortunate to have them.
Another thing is the thought of my future. /Do/ I want to go law school? Do I just want to get my master’s in English and write or something for the remainder of my life? Sure, some might say that I shouldn’t worry as much as I sometimes do I about it at this stage in my life, but honestly, time is flying. I can hardly believe that I’m already in my /second/ year of college to begin with and if my plan to get out in four years consists, I need to have a plan, right? Currently I’m double majoring in English and Journalism and double minoring in Music and Italian. What the heck am I going to do with my life? It seems to be the top of my list of thoughts every day. I find it to be quite important, personally. I am a person that relies heavily on plans. As much as I occasionally love being absolutely spontaneous [life would be very boring otherwise], I do live off of a planned routine. So, it doesn’t seem completely crazy to me to be worrying about my future as much as I constantly seem to be doing. In my head, I picture myself as an animated character who just has a giant question mark bubble over her head as I venture about various things every day. The uncertainty of my future is ridiculous. I need career counseling. Help?


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