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how old are you?

Oftentimes I find that my tolerance level of a person changes quickly when they consistently do childish things that were perhaps humorous the first time or two, but got distasteful and completely unnecessary fast. There isn’t really a particular instance of this that I’d like to share right now, but it’s just something I’ve noticed about myself. Sure, others might think that some of the, what others might find stupid, things that people do are hilarious, but I beg to differ. Of course this would vary from person to person. People that I’ve known longer, my best friends, brother, etc., will have a much higher tolerance level with me as compared to those I haven’t known as long and am basing my knowledge of off first impressions that are filled with overdone stupidity. My point here is, there should always be a limit to how far you go with things you say or do. Limits that people should about themselves because, and I am guilty of it also, there is always a line that one shouldn’t cross. Absolutely idiotic, right? Why should there ever be limits? Why can’t we just be who we are and just go crazy. And now I perhaps sound as though I am completely contradicting everything else I’ve said up to this point. We should know our personal limits and our social limits but we should we really? This is really a tough thought. I think I’m going to leave this open and perhaps return to this idea at a future date.


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