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Sometimes things just happen and thoughts encompass my head. Right now is definitely one of those times. I have plenty of work to do but am taking the time to throw some thoughts out to help my mind sort through some of this crazy clutter. Between classes, friends, and homework, I keep finding myself moving quickly between emotions. It may be a bad thing, but generally I try to stay as positive as possible. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to stay positive 100 percent of the time. Honestly, how many people can you name that you think are just completely positive /constantly/? Right, me either. It’s rather difficult especially when stress starts to raise your shoulders and tense your actions. It’s hard to avoid. I mean, sure there are lots of ways to deal with it, but even the confrontations of just talking are stressful sometimes. The whole “what will so and so think” or “they expect me to stay positive and help them” thing. I’m not saying that this is how I feel at all, it’s just a thought. Stress, you know? Stress that ultimately leads in being one of my personal biggest distractions right now. As much as I try to put certain things aside, they just keep coming back to completely just mess with my head as much as I try to prevent them from doing so. But with bad distractions, there are good ones too. A lot of times I do a lot of work or just keep busy to use distractions to keep me from thinking to much about issues that I don’t want to deal with at the time. Through this rambled mess, my point is, distractions are a pain more than an aid for they just keep pushing one negative into the other and eventually you just end up as a negative chaos.


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