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It’s that time of the year again. Sicknesses are going around and I am definitely not feeling well today. The weather is getting better, but my health is going the opposite direction. The thing I notice most is that stress is definitely a major factor in this. The more work I have to do, the sicker I feel mentally and then my physical being gets affected by the amount of time I’m forcing myself to devote to various activities and homework and then suddenly everything  just plummets. I find myself forcing my shoulders to relax and taking deep breaths from time to time to keep my sanity in tact. As much as I love school and staying busy, this time of the year is definitely something I wish I avoid more easily. The only reason that I am able to blog briefly at the moment is because I have 10 minutes before my next class which isn’t exactly enough to start the second paper I need to work on today so I decided to take a deep breath and just blog about my unfortunate thoughts today. Monday. Cruel fate. Something like that, yeah? I mean, I have actually had several pleasant Monday’s before today thus far this semester. It surprised me too. I’m really happy that I get the weekend off this week and am also incredibly excited to be going home for the first time since I got here in early August. I love college, but I miss my friends and family. Who wouldn’t? I am, after all, if I don’t say it enough, incredibly fortunate to know the people I call my friends and family. I love them all so much. Why wouldn’t I miss them?
Revised goal for today beyond getting my work done is to find at least 10 more positive things I can lean on to make this Monday go by more smoothly and hopefully add some smiles to my day. It’s been rough so far, but I’m determined and /will/ make it through today smiling. With that said, I must go off to another class and work on a pile of homework, BUT, the weather is lovely today.
Side note/Disclaimer?: This blog entry is a horrible example of proper writing. It is overtly sporadic. But hey, it’s a blog and it’s me, yes? Fits the Monday equation even more.


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