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Originally this blog was set up so I could have some form of creative outlook to get some of my random thoughts out in a positive manner. Lately, life has been so busy, I occasionally forget this page that I have created. For this, I apologize. Who am I apologizing to? I mean, this was for myself, yes? I don’t expect anyone to read this or anything, I just do this for myself. Maybe I need to find a better form of organization to allow myself to be able to release more thoughts out. I’ve had many things on my mind as always but they have all been shoved aside to homework and classes. Classes. That’s a thought. It’s the time of year that I suddenly realize exactly what kind of overload I put myself in. There have been several days in the past week where I just felt like I was going to completely break down and have to find some way of dealing with the stack of work I keep finding myself face to face with. It’s better than it was. That’s the positive.
Positive. There’s that word again. I like that word, but, at the same time, I don’t. Sure, there is always that one little silver lining to every seemingly terrible  situation. I mean, the positive to my stack of homework is that I’ve gotten a lot of it done already today. Just need to keep pushing and getting more done. Another thought, why do professors and teachers and such love to drown us with work? I mean, sometimes it gets so terrible that I find that I am really not getting to enjoy the class like I should be and learning more and am just trying to get through the piles and piles of assignments. Sure, I learn a few things from doing these various tasks, but I would much rather like to learn at more of my own pace on some things. Just a little more clarification to myself, right?
Through this incredibly sporadic entry I have once again found myself at the end of, I just want to say that I am incredibly happy with my life almost all the time.  I just have a lot of mentally stressful and defeating days. Just gotta keep pushing.


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