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ankles and phones.

I always say that I learn something new every single day of my life. For instance, I learned yesterday after doing a lot of reading for one of my classes that I don’t see much interest in me going to Honduras any time in the near future if ever at all. Regardless, I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks. I sprained my ankle two weeks ago. I’m a klutz, I’ll admit it, but this was definitely the first time I had ever sprained/broken/etc., anything. I mean, sure, I didn’t break it luckily, but yeah. It’s been any interesting two weeks filled with limping, pain medication that does not agree with me, and just other negative elements. I’ve been trying very hard to find all the positives but sometimes it just gets difficult.
Along with spraining my ankle, the charging port on my old cell phone literally fell out. Yeah. I know. I didn’t believe it either. I have a new phone now, but the three or so days without a phone were very interesting. I learned that the lack of a phone is very stressful but also sort of freeing. It was nice not having to deal with text messages and just the world for a few days, while at the same time ultra stressful when I had no contact with certain people about various important things. I think it’s so crazy how truly dependent we are on our phones now a days. Just technology in general. I know of very few people who don’t have texting. It’s almost assumed that almost everyone in college has at least a cellphone or at least some type of phone device for communication. Where would we be without skype, facebook, cell phones [iPhones], and iPods today? I couldn’t imagine a world without social networking and such like we have. It’s pretty insane. It’s such a normal reaction for me to immediately pat my pockets when I stand up and check to see that my phone is there, or pull my phone out a few times every hour to just check the time and see if I have a text message. I often wonder what life would be like if no one had cell phones. I mean, I haven’t had one forever either, but if things were the way they used to be when we would all use our house phones to contact each other and plan events through paper invitations rather than facebook groups, who knows? I think we would all know a lot less about each other, for one. Social networking has definitely changed the way we all know each other. Just something to ponder.


2 thoughts on “ankles and phones.

  1. I agree with you entirely. I saw the Social Network last night, to coincide just a little bit with this. XD

    I hope you get to come home soon. I miss you. </3

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