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Lately I’ve been having very down days. I keep trying to find that little spark of positive but it has just been incredibly difficult. I’ll admit it, I’m incredibly, beyond the point of words and needless to say, homesick. I miss home to the point where I am having a harder time actually making myself do certain things I generally do. Things like getting out of bed. Temptation to skip classes has hit hard as well, I haven’t skipped yet, but it’s getting rather difficult to resist the temptation. Too bad my conscious always stops me. Or well, that’s really a good thing I suppose. Also, I’m driving myself insane just thinking. Thinking about school, the future, the lack of time, things I desire to do and can’t… it’s getting to the point where the hours I am losing in sleep are seriously affecting me. This can’t be good, right? I really just need one long weekend home. I really hope next weekend works out in my favor. I also really want Harry Potter tickets… definitely working on that shortly. Regardless, the point in this entry was to just get thoughts down. One day I’ll look back at this and things will be better, right? I sure hope so.
I’m going to close in just simply saying: I miss my parents, my brother, and my friends. That’s all.


One thought on “frowns.

  1. I hope you’re feeling better, I know it would probably sound corny. But things always tend to get better, when you least expect it. (ok I just got that out from a song lol)
    Oh and resist your temptation on skipping classes, once you start it might be hard to stop. I stopped doing it this semester, well unless it was absolutely necessary.
    I assume your spending your thanskigivng break with your family? Yay for some family time!

    I’ll try to do that too, haha.

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