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As I’ve said in the past, I spend a lot of time thinking. Thinking about the norms such as the future, my day, the past, etc., but also thinking about crazy situations that probably will never happen. C’mon, I’m sure everyone does it to some degree. I may be a little crazier than some, but who hasn’t ever thought about what it would be like to have an animal that you normally have to go to the zoo to see as a pet? A giraffe for instance. Could you imagine? If I had a giraffe for a pet, I would love it with all of my heart. Sure, it would be insanely difficult to take care of. They are, after all, the tallest animal. They would definitely have to stay outside, unless I could somehow end up living in that mansion I’ve also thought about. A mansion where the ceilings would definitely be high enough for a giraffe to be in. But would I want the giraffe to come inside? This is an important thought. Take into consideration the idea of having a grand piano in the living room of said mansion and the thought of a giraffe destroying it. Wait. Do giraffes like piano music? Do they like music in general? Important questions. All of them. Did you know giraffes have very long tongues? Think of a dog licking your face. Now imagine a giraffe with it’s 18 inch tongue. That could be interesting. So, I’ve now explained my desires to have a giraffe. I don’t know why I like the animal so much. Many girls tend to be into animal prints of zebras and leopards. I like giraffes. I don’t really know why, they just interest me.
Another situation I have thought about is the idea of apparating like in the world of Harry Potter. Could you imagine how much time that would save? I mean, if everyone could do it, it would be annoying. There would have to be a logical system about this, perhaps based on age or passing a test sort of like driving. At the same time, I wouldn’t like that since the driver’s test is so stressful and the idea of apparating should be more happy and carefree. No test. But something. Perhaps when you get to a certain age, as soon as the clock strikes midnight, you earn the skill. That would make 20 look brighter. Oh, that reminds me. The age of 20. That’s next year in my book. It’s hard to believe this is my last “teen” year. Where has the time truly gone? Towards good things, of course, but wow.
Within this randomness of giraffes and apparition, my point is, crazy fantasies are good. They keep you entertained even if they are impossible. If we can’t think of the impossible, the possible would seem more impossible. You know? Perhaps not, but that’s all I have for this morning. Goodbye writer’s block. 😀 Happy Saturday!


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