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turn around.

No, I’m not referring to the first lyrics of that song by Bonnie Tyler. This is a reference to what my head has been doing a lot lately. My brain more so. Basically, whenever I begin to feel incredibly down or negative, I just… turn my thoughts around. Or well, attempt to. I try to turn them back to those positive things. Yes, this is redundant, I know. I’ve said this before. But honestly, it’s there. I turn around and there are all of the people who care about me and all of the support I need to definitely keep working at everything I want to do. Unfortunately, at this very moment, this is not the case. Sure, the support is all there, it’s just, I can’t seem to make myself so anything really productive. I know I will regret this tomorrow after I finally get home and start cramming homework all weekend. I really hate doing that but it is inevitable at this point. As I’ve been saying to my friends lately, “my life is due Monday.” It seems as though every one of my professors has decided that this upcoming Monday, the 22nd of November is the day that every major reflection of my grade is due. This is good and bad. Good because that means that I can breathe quickly after and actually enjoy my short thanksgiving break, but bad because that means I literally have three days left before the world is due. Oh deadlines. Why must you exist? I feel like I would learn so much more if I didn’t have to constantly worry about meeting certain deadlines. I mean, I guess I am in the wrong field in regards to that. Journalism. It’s all about deadlines, right? Which brings me back to my seemingly never ending battle with time. Time is flying. I can’t believe my third semester of college is about to end in a few short weeks. Football season is almost over. Actually, believe it or not [probably the latter], today is a game day. Yeah, I know. Thursday. What a weird week it has been. Tomorrow I finally get to go home. Saturday I will get to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am, needless to say, incredibly excited! 😀
Essentially, my point here is, turn around. People are there. They care. Right? Right. Time is going to keep ticking by and sometimes we all have times, like this very second in my case, where we just want to do absolutely nothing or absolutely everything to avoid doing the things we should be doing. It’s a problem but the consequences will just have to be dealt with.


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