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I can’t believe it’s already here. Finals week. To think I was just blogging about how badly I wanted to school to return and now that time has literally flown by and it is once again the end of another semester. It feels like I just got settled again and it’s time to take some exams and go back home for a few more weeks. This is good and bad. Good because I definitely miss home, my family and friends, and just having some time away from taking classes and studying and such. Bad because a week from tomorrow morning I get my wisdom teeth taken out and I’ll admit it, I am definitely frightened by the thought of surgery and such. I don’t know what exactly I’m fearing, I’ve been told consistently not to worry to much about it, and I wouldn’t say I’m worrying, but hey, it’s a completely new experience I’m about to face. The idea of being completely unconscious as some medical person takes something out of my mouth, it just leaves an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yes, I am definitely glad I will be unconscious, but still, it’s just a scary thought. And then having to deal with the aftermath of not being able to articulate, eat right, or just be able to do things normally in the sense that I will be probably be heavily medicated on pain killers and the like. Oh boy. I feel like I’m about to lose a week of time. There are some positives such as the fact that I’m getting it over with now rather and later like my father did this past summer. They say it hurts worse the older you get so I am glad this is going to get taken care of now. I guess I won’t regret that.
Speaking of regrets. Remember when I pledged to go through this semester without any regrets? Well, I feel I have successfully accomplished this.  I really don’t feel as though I regret anything I have done this semester. I’m quite pleased with how everything has turned out. Sure, I’ve had some tough days and weeks, everyone has their moments, right? Regardless, I feel empowered by this semester. I feel that I have grown stronger as a person and that all of the experiences I have been fortunate to get this semester have contributed to that in a very positive way. The people that I have met are all quite fantastic. The laughs I’ve been fortunate enough to share and all of the fun I have had while continuing my education have made this semester just spectacular, needless to say. I’m so glad the holiday season is finally here as much as I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. All in all, I just wanted to blog as a closing thought for my fall semester of this year. It’s five days and three more finals from being completely over, no regrets, just smiles. 😀 Happy Sunday!


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