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post wisdom teeth thoughts.

This has been one interesting day for sure. I know I won’t forget the few things I can remember from this morning. Or well, I’ll try not to. This morning, my dad took me to the surgeon’s office to get my teeth out. There we were quickly informed that we were in the wrong office and that my actual surgery was in the office in Florence rather than Sheffield. That was frustrating. My father and I no clue of this and were frustrated by the fact that they never really informed us of which building location to go to this morning. I mean, this has been scheduled for almost 6 months. The next things I remember once we finally got to the correct office were scheduling a follow-up appointment for next week and then going into the surgery room. The room was rather small and there were two nurses and a doctor. I knew one of the nurses and remembered the doctor from when he did my consultation during the summer so that was helpful. Not a complete stranger experience which I approved of for this particular situation. The doctor than asked me if I knew anything about computers since he appeared to be having trouble starting up his laptop. I told him how much I hated Dells and his definitely needed an upgrade. The doctor agreed with me and we discussed computers and what we each liked better for the next few minutes.
Onto the surgery part. So, the first thing they have to do is basically put a needle/tube into my arm so that they can pump some type of some medicine to make me sleep, from what I understood. Here’s the deal. I hate needles. I’m frightened by them and I do think they are painful. I’ll admit it. So this part was not pleasant in any form. The worst part was that the nurse had trouble finding the vein in my arm to put the needle in and so had to poke at my arm for a minute after she couldn’t feel it. That hurt. A lot. I definitely have an increased dislike of needles after today. She apologized several times and I know it wasn’t her fault that my arm would not show the vein she needed, but I wish there were a less unpleasant way of doing that part. Next thing I remember was hearing lots of small talk about a Christmas party from the doctor and the two nurses and they gave me an oxygen thing to breathe from and before I knew it, I was waking up and being helped out of the office and into my car where my dad was waiting calmly inside with the question “how do you feel” to which I quickly realized I could not feel my mouth and couldn’t really talk. Which at this moment, it’s still rather difficult to feel my mouth and/or talk.
So how do I feel about surgery now? Well, I think that as long as I am completely knocked out as I was today, I don’t really see myself having a problem with it minus the potential bad things always going through my head, but I guess one can never be rid of those types of fears. So far my least favorite part minus the needle incident is probably the fact that I can’t eat whatever I want. There are only so many not solid foods I can eat without just being sick of eating. I haven’t really been able to sleep as much as I thought I would. I’ve actually been more awake since I took the pain medication so I’ve just been relaxing and taking it easy. It’s rather pleasant. I actually read for fun this afternoon and I must say, I am so glad to finally have a little time do such a thing. Plus, I must finish rereading Harry Potter before the final movie comes out, so this time is definitely helpful. Halfway through rereading book 7. =] So, overall, I think this has been a nice learning experience. I’m glad I finally got to experience surgery so I can say, hey, I did it. Pain is unavoidable so I’m going to try hard not to wallow too much in it. I’m hungry, yes, but I guess I’ll have to stick with pudding and soup for a while. I think I will end this by putting a reluctant but somewhat true: Happy Monday. =D


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