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looking back: 2010.

The end is near. The end of another chapter of my life. The end of another year. And what a year it has been. I’ve been so fortunate this entire year. 2010 kicked off with an amazing trip to California where Alabama won their 13th National Championship and I got to see a side of the United States I had never been to before. Then a few months later, I was fortunate enough to visit another location I had never been too, Washington D.C. where I participated in a Trombone Festival I will never forget. This year will end soon, and it is going to end with an amazing trip to Orlando, Florida. On New Year’s Eve I will be fortunate to be able to go to Harry Potter World in Florida. Three amazing trips in one heck of a year. I am definitely lucky, even if I have been to Florida before, I have never been to Harry Potter world. And for those of you that don’t know, I am absolutely obsessed with said character and book series, therefore, this is my idea of an amazing conclusion to one heck of a year.
It was also a year of firsts. My first time spending several weeks from home at a time. First time spraining something. First time having surgery. Among others, there were definitely many firsts this year. It was also a year where I had an unforgettable birthday, two cases of a cellphone giving out on me, and met Crazy Carolyn. It was also the year that I started this blog, and I am really glad I did. It’s been a great way to get thoughts down and it always gives me something to work on. Occasionally I look back at my older blog entries and relive the moments in my head and I must definitely admit that I am very lucky.
I’m very fortunate for all of the friends that have stuck with me this year, and all of the news ones I have made. Lucky to have seen the things I’ve seen [for the most part] and incredibly happy with how college life has treated me thus far.
Another thought: 2011. This marks the end of a decade much less a year. Within the next few days I will post my resolutions up here. I always make a personal list of resolutions and do my best to stick with them, but that’s for another day. A decade is about to pass, and one heck of a decade it has been. It started with my family moving from our apartment in New York to an apartment in Alabama. Now we live in a house and I’ve sort of gotten used to the state that I was not originally fond of. A decade of many changes. I’ve grown a lot in this past year and even more so in this decade. I’ve made and lost many friends along the way, but the ones who are here now, are amazing and I’m very happy to have them. My point is, I can’t even begin to describe the many things that have occurred in the past year. The ones I’ve mentioned in previous blogs will always be here for those who care, but there have been a countless number of days I will never forget in this year alone. With this, I want to close by saying that I can’t believe this year has gone as fast as it has but I can’t wait for the next one. Goodbye 2010, I’ll never forget you.


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