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2011 resolutions.

This was meant to be posted before the New Year, but a lack of internet prevented this from being done, but that’s okay because I’ve come up with more thought on the subject to add and now I can do so. Resolutions. I have been making resolutions since about the second grade when we had to do them in class as a project. I actually found my resolutions project this past year and it was amusing to go back and read my second grade intentions. In 2009, I tried to give up soft drinks entirely (this lasted until April) along with various other goal related resolutions. In 2010, I gave up french fries and although I did break it on New Year’s day, I haven’t been overly tempted to eat many at all yet, and I’m really proud of myself for going an entire year without them. This year, I have once again come up with a list of resolutions. I’m going to share five of those here and my reasoning behind them.
1. It seems that I always give up some form of a food item each year. This year will be no different. Since I failed at completely giving up soft drinks in 2009, I decided to make it a smaller and more specific goal. This year I am giving up orange soda. Other than Dr. Pepper and bottled Coca Cola, that is definitely one drink I often find myself drinking. Soda is really not good for me and orange soda, in particular, contains a /lot/ of sugar. In this case, I find that it is the soda to give up for the year.
2. They say patience is a virtue. It’s a virtue that I don’t see in myself. I feel that I really need to work on my level of patience. This year, I’m going to do my best to try to be more patient about things. I feel like things will be much easier to handle in the future if I develop more patience now rather than continue to fight things later.
3. Vitamin D. I could use a lot more. Since I got into college, I have been terrible about drinking milk. I generally don’t have time to have a bowl of cereal in the morning, so my general source of morning calcium is non existent. It got to the point that I started taking vitamin D specifically since I was so terrible about drinking milk. Therefore, this year, one of my resolutions is to simply, drink more milk. It’s good for you. Really.
4. Music. Although it’s not my major, it is still a heavy part of my life. This year, I want to continue to work at my musical abilities and work to be a better musician.
5. And lastly for the blog, I resolve to work harder on my writing including keeping up with this blog as much as possible and helping it grow to become something really great. I’m really glad I’ve been able to stick with it thus far and I really enjoy writing here. Also, I want to continue to work on other writing. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll write a book. There’s no telling. But I definitely want to continue to improve my writing skills and work at it a lot more this year.
So, there they are. A few of my resolutions for the new year. Speaking of the new year, it has definitely kicked off with a bang. I was so fortunate to be able to spend my New Year’s celebration at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure/The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. That was an absolutely awesome day and I’m really glad I got to do it. 😀 This is my last week home until I go back to classes and I intend to just enjoy the last of the break. Honestly, I cannot wait to go back and continue my college career. Hopefully this week won’t drag on too long. The first Monday of the New Year has definitely flown by thus far. Thank goodness. Well, I am going to conclude by saying that I hope this year is even better than the last was. Also, “Roll Tide, Y’all.” ❤


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