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mental alterations.

Have you ever looked at something and rather than directly comprehending what that particular item was, altered in your head into something different? Perhaps and example of this may help. Let’s take what I just did that I’ve found myself doing mentally a lot lately. I looked at my bottle of water and rather than comprehending “Hey, this is a Dasani brand of water bottle,” I quickly altered the Dasani and thought of it backwards. Inasad. I don’t know why my head does this sometimes, but it does. Often when someone introduces themselves to me, my head takes the spelling of their and records it backwards in my head for a moment. Strange? Perhaps, but I don’t know, I guess it just happens.
Another thought, have you ever walked into a buffet or large food court of sometime and filled your plate to the brim only to sit down and pick at the food and not really eat any of it? Or rather, have you ever felt you’ve lost a taste or desire for food? As though you need a reboot button on your taste buds? I’ve been feeling that way for almost a week now. I just haven’t really craved food all that much. I think I need some bold new flavor or something to make me think of food in a better light again. Right now, it all just sounds terrible. Even chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, I know right? Something must be done about this quickly. Sometimes I just think the routine of life gets boring and we all just need a big reset button. Good news, a new, fresh semester of classes starts tomorrow. I generally always look forward to this day because I love a change of routine now and then. I’m not a big fan of some changes, but a life routine alteration can be rather nice occasionally. Gotta love school, right? It does just that for one thing at least. Maybe not /love/ school, but I definitely don’t hate it. 🙂


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