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roller coaster.

It recently occurred to me that I have been terrible at keeping my New Year’s Resolutions thus far this year. Or well, one in particular. I promised myself that I would try to blog fairly regularly more than I had been prior to, and judging by my small number of entries in the New Year, I have completely failed thus far in doing so. Or well, maybe not completely, but it’s not looking good. Therefore, this month, I will work a lot harder to try to make this happen. I am doing this for myself and no one else really. It’s a good creative outlet, afterall.
Onto the topic for today. Or well, my potential topic for almost two weeks now that has developed quite a bit. Roller coasters. In this case, I’m not referring to those awesome things you pay tons of money to go ride repeatedly until you get sick. I’m referring to the one that correlates with life. My life, especially in the past two weeks, has been one heck of a roller coaster. It all began when I made the big mistake of leaving my purse, somewhere. And by somewhere I mean, I honestly cannot recall which particular location I left it at. I just know that it has not been found at this point and is presumptively, gone for good.
For a girl, losing a purse is a big problem. I mean, yes, we have pockets too I suppose, like men do, but we heavily tend to rely on our purses to store our “lives” in. I know I did, and I know other girls who do the same. After this loss, I have been living without a license, and such items and have not had a chance to start recreating this “life” I lost in my purse.
So, this is how I see it, my life clicked up this roller coaster until about the second week of January. Then slowly, it began to spiral downward. At this current point, my life seems to be doing loops. Every day this past week, for the most part, has had it’s ups and downs. Take today for instance. Due to a lack of sleep due to a lack of time due to an abundance of work, I have almost fallen asleep on several occasions today. However, a lot of good things have happened as well today. Not only was I fortunate to sit in a masterclass being taught by perhaps the best Trombone player in the world, I will also be fortunate to perform in an amazing concert this evening and am lucky to have friends from back home here for an honor band that allows me to see some familiar faces from home. Do you get what I’m attempting to say? Loops. Or whatever you call the winding paths on various roller coasters. Prominent in my days as of late.
What I’m getting at through this really long analogy is simply: life can be a roller coaster. You just have to hope that the falls aren’t as large as the climbs.


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