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Recently, and still in progress, I caught the flu. The pain I have felt in the last two days alone is enough to make me think incredibly carefully about every little thing I do to prevent it from causing me any more harm physically. I don’t know what caused me to become as sick as I have felt to be honest. At first I thought it was food poisoning, and as time went on and things got worse, I deciphered that it must be something else. But beyond this literal sickness, I just want to point out another sickness I have felt myself going through. The sickness of homework.
Sure, it’s important. Without homework, how would we practice the things we learn in our classes? Homework helps us to reiterate our lessons, or something like that, right? Lately though, I feel like I’ve been drowning in homework. The water around me just keeps growing and I just keep falling further and further. Midterms are soon. In fact, I have one tomorrow that I am currently taking a short study break from. It’s amazing to think that yet another semester is halfway over. Where has the time gone? But regardless, my point here is, homework can sometimes be a disease. It spreads ridiculously like one at times. Too bad there isn’t a prescription to cure the amount of work on my plate.


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