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You wait and you wait and you wait some more and yet, what your heart desires is still seemingly so far away. For the first time since I returned to my dorm room in January, I went home for the weekend last weekend and honestly, I did not want to leave. It’s the first time I have ever felt my heart yearn to remain at home rather than return to my college dorm room. It may be the pre-spring break mindset that is getting to me, but I find myself being more and more annoyed by petty little things that don’t ever really mean anything to me generally. Little things like how long certain classes are or how long a professor takes to explain something. Normally I have at least enough patience to sit through these things, but lately, my mind has just been “let’s go!” consistently throughout each day. Anticipation. I am anticipating next week. Really, just Friday. That is the day my Spring Break begins and although it is only a week off. It’s a week off. I cannot wait to be home and just enjoy those comforts like I did last weekend. I realize that every time I visit home, I need to enjoy every last minute of it. This summer I will be in a different country for a few weeks and believe me, I will get homesick. As lovely as Italy will be, I will definitely miss the comforts of home. I miss them constantly when I’m only a mere 3 hours away. I will be much further this summer. Also, I miss my parents, constantly. Sure, I hate doing chores and other things, but I love their company and just the time I get to spend with them, as little as it may be. I also love seeing my brother and spending time with him. He’s an interesting kid that I’m fortunate to be related to [Yes, I’m being honest].
My points here are essentially that I miss home. I miss not having so much work to do, and I am honestly incredibly ready for a break.


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