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They come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and they all serve the same purpose: to hang clothing. Why make them in so many different ways? I mean, what good does it do to have hangars of different colors and styles? Sure, I understand why they put the little hooks on some hangars, but there really is no explanation for having a built in picture frame. Am I making this up? Absolutely not. I, in fact, own hangars in my very own closet that do just what was previously described. What purpose does that serve? I just think it’s unnecessary clutter that is meant to drive a somewhat OCD or something person such as myself insane. It makes a closet look less organized and more insane than it should. Closets should be simple, therefore hangars should be simple.
What brought about this particular rant? Really, I felt like sharing one of my many pet peeves on this blog. Hangars definitely qualify as such. They make hangars that look like ladder rungs for the purpose of hanging pants when in fact, regular hangars are fine for such a thing. Sure, I suppose the ladder rungs are meant to save space or something, but having that odd thing mixed in with a plethora of similar [hopefully] things is just a mess. What with a mixture of wire, plastic, wooden, padded, and whatever else hangars, my point is, I just hate the fact that there are just so many. If department stores can make do with one type of hangar for pretty much everything, why can’t we? I mean, sure there are contradictions to that statement what with holding hangars for shorts and different types of hangars for dresses… but still, there must be a simpler answer to the mayhem.
Clearly I’m overreacting over such a small thing, but sometimes this is just how my brain works.


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