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spring cleaning.

Around once every season,  but particularly at this point in the year, I will wake up and just feel incredibly overwhelmed by how stuffy my entire room/house feels to me. Today was one of those days. Although my hands are sore from scrubbing and such, my dorm room is quite clean now and I am definitely smiling a lot though. It may just be the cleaning product fumes getting to me, but who knows? I don’t know what it is in human nature to just want to take a bath from life every so often, if that makes sense. To get rid of clothes that may be older, things you own, to discard these little things and just replace them with new and shinier ones; I don’t know what makes me always experience this sensation every once in a while but it definitely makes me happier in the end.
Cleaning is just an interesting thought process in itself. I know there is a lot of science that could probably explain all of these little, to me, fascinating things, but have you ever just wondered why so much dust accumulates on every little thing? Or how it appears inside the crevices of various things like your computer printer? Or have you ever been cleaning, look at the sponge/towel/scrubbing item you are using, and see a color and wonder “Where did this come from? What cause such a color in the dirt?” Yeah, I know I’m a little crazy, but I seriously do wonder about such things. It’s all just really interesting… how regardless of how often you clean, there will always be more to clean. A never ending circle if you will.
My entire thought process behind this is the idea of cleansing. Every so often, we all just need to take a deep breath, pray that we don’t start coughing from the amount of pollution/pollen/dirt in said breath, and just remember that things will continue to move forward and we just have to enjoy what we have. Something along those lines, anyway. Also, if/when you get pranked today, just laugh it off. It’s best to just enjoy the humor in today more than get angry at petty little pranks. Believe me, you’ll be happier in the end. Pesce d’Aprile! (April Fools) 😀


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