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help wanted.

The idea of my having a career in the future has deeply perplexed me more and more over the course of this semester. Perhaps not the idea itself, or just, what it is I want/desire to have a career in. <Psychology?> People often say “do what you love,” which is also another perplexing statement in itself. What if you love many things? <Math?> Then a person would say, “do what you love most.” Sure. That makes sense right? <English?> But what if you don’t know what you love most? <Chemistry?> I love many things “most” in my mind. <Journalism?> I definitely know of a large list of things that I definitely never want to do but then there is a list about half that size of things I am interested in and would love to do. <Photography?> In high school, whenever I would have these mental debates, I just had to remind myself that college was the time where I could choose what I wanted to do. <Law?> The problem in this case is, college has arrived and half of my college career is almost over and although I have set a path of majors and minors to pursue, I don’t really have a clear career goal in mind.
I know this may not make any sense. I’m really just rattling my confusion down in print to perhaps make better sense of it. If someone out there is reading this, I’d love any advice. I’m always open to criticism and any thoughts. If it helps, I’m currently in the path of a double major in English and Journalism [both subjects I find myself to excel in and find a lot of interest in for the most part] and a double minor in Music and Italian [music is a passion I’ve always enjoyed but don’t feel like I could make a career out of and Italian is just a large interest as part of my large interest in foreign languages and cultures in general]. <Maybe International Relations?> I understand the processes of searching for graduate school programs, which, is something I’m definitely interested in doing: going to graduate school. But for what? This is my issue. There are so many things out there to do but only so much time to do them in. How does one choose their correct path?


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