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“Think eggs, think nightmares.” I’d rather think of dreams. Although I don’t celebrate this holiday like a Christian person would, I do find it to be a nice cheerful day to observe. The colors involved are primarily different pastels that just calm my overall mood. People are seen filling restaurants and dressed in even nicer Sunday church attires and just truly spending time with their family. Although my family doesn’t do such things on this day, it is always interesting to just observe others do so. I’ve always noticed that on holidays like this, Christmas, etc., children are so much nicer to their parents. I don’t know if it’s just an understood rule that a day like this is a day you close your mouth, forget any problems your family may have and just smile through it, but that’s something I’ve always noticed. I can see why people look forward to days like. It is as though it gives people an excuse to live a little more luxuriously and perhaps see relatives and others they have not seen in a while. There are a few things that bother me about days like today, holidays if you will. It always bothers me a little that people that have not communicated with me in who knows how long pops up in my messages with a friendly holiday greeting. As stated above, people are suddenly more friendly and nice on days such as these. This is a little perplexing, but I don’t really know how to explain it further. Just thought I’d share a small holiday observation. 🙂 Dreams exist in different forms. Today I hope that dreams of a more peaceful planet continue beyond a holiday. Happy Easter!


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